Thursday 30th of June 2022

Kaoola Spring Water Bottled at the Source

Kaoola spring water is collected in the Kaoota hills south of Hobart as it rises naturally to the surface from a deep aquifer in a man-fern rain forest setting.


Currently the spring water is gravity fed to the bottling facility where it i filtered through a one micron filter (retains any particulate matter greater than 1 µ), UV filter (irradiates the water with a range of ultraviolet wavelength light that will kill any bacteria in the event that some may be present) and then a small amount of ozone is added to ensure that no harmful bacteria are present in the final product.


Adding ozone to bottled water is a water industry norm. Ozone consists of three oxygen atoms which produces a transient oxidizing environment.  It is a Public Health requirement that no harmful bacteria are present in the finished product. After several minutes the excess ozone will revert to oxygen, a natural component of a healthy water. 


This process is world’s best practice and satisfies the requirements of Public Health, and our own desire to provide you with the opportunity to taste our water
in its natural state.


A typical analysis of our water has the following mg/L:

Bicarbonate HCO3  105 - Calcium Ca 13 - Chloride Cl  11 - Sodium Na  9 - Magnesium Mg  8 - Sulphate SO   2 - Potassium K   1


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