Thursday 30th of June 2022

About Kaoola Spring Water.

Currently all Kaoola Spring Water products are produced by hand. However with increased sales volume and more time to devote to the business we have invested in a new 30 metre x 12 metre bottling facility and have purchased equipment from Norland International in Nebraska, USA† (www.norlandintl.com) to automatically wash, sanitise, rinse, fill and cap our 11L and 15L† bottles.

The Triton 160 will enable a throughput of up to 160 bottles per hour and should come on-line by December 2010.† Our smaller bottles and customerís own containers will continue to be bottled by hand at least until 2012 when a Norland Spectrapak 3000 complete PET bottling line should enable the processing of a wide range of smaller bottles.

Part of our corporate philosophy is that we want as many people as possible to be able to experience Kaoola Spring Water on a regular basis.† So we are interested in making this possible for you.† To do this we have maintained the cost of Kaoola Spring Water at the original 1991 prices. We are able to do this as we increase our sales volume.

Kaoola Spring Water has been involved in the community supporting school events and charities such as the Dogsí Homes of Tasmania and the Matthew Goggin Foundation. As we mechanize our production facilities it is proposed this involvement will increase in line with our underlining philosophy of enabling as many people as possible to experience Kaoola Spring Water.


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